Wilson Golf Neoprene Iron Covers

By Lyle Smith
Club covers offer protection from scratching.
Club covers offer protection from scratching.

From the advent of steel shafts through the revolutionary development of the fat shaft and the evolution of the classic Staff irons, Wilson has developed some of the best and most reliable golf equipment in the game. Under their accessories umbrella, the neoprene iron cover is a great protective device, particularly for travel.


While golf irons do not need an exceptional amount of protection under normal circumstances, the Wilson neoprene iron cover is an asset while traveling, particularly by air. Airline luggage handlers are not known for their care and your expensive golf clubs need protection. Use them to protect your irons inside your travel bag and you will have nothing to worry about.


Wilson's neoprene iron covers are made in specific sizes for each iron in your bag. Unlike some manufacturers that make 13 iron covers all the same size, Wilson's covers fit each iron from 2 through pitching wedge individually so they don't fall off in your travel bag or on the course.


Neoprene is the material used to make diving wet suits. Wilson's iron covers are made from 4mm neoprene, providing a spongy, protective layer over each of your irons.

Ease of Use

The iron covers slip easily over each of your irons and are held in place by the natural elasticity of the cover. There is no clip or strap to hold each cover down; just slip them over each club.

Speed of Play

While these iron covers are designed to protect your clubs, using them every day on the course under normal conditions will likely only serve to slow your pace of play. Golf irons are made to clack against each other in normal use. It is only while traveling that your irons need the extra protection of head covers.

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