Useful Tips for Golf Swings

By Marc Jenkins
One of the most important factors in having a consistent swing is correct posture.
One of the most important factors in having a consistent swing is correct posture.

Every golfer, no matter how good or bad they may be, could always use a little assistance when it comes to swing techniques and approaches. Sometimes it may be a case of poor mechanics. Other times it may simply be a situation where they may have trouble repeating the proper motion. Either way, every golfer could always use tips from someone who may be watching and can give them an opinion on how to do something different.

Correct Posture

Maintaining the correct posture is the first step in consistently swinging a golf club accurately and successfully. The key to maintaining good golf posture is to approach the ball with a straight back and then slightly bend your knees (bending them too much will cause your stroke not to have enough power behind it).

Head Straight and Eyes on the Ball

Always keep your head straight toward the target and your eyes on the ball throughout the entire swing. Similar to baseball, if you do these two things you will be guaranteed to hit the ball well. Watching the ball through the swing and also while it is in the air will train you to learn the differences and tendencies that you may have in certain situations.

Proper Elbow Release

Proper elbow release is a very important part of successfully swinging a golf club. When starting your swing, be sure that your elbows are slightly bent. As you continue to your back swing and follow through, allow your elbows to ease and release at the same speed at which your knees are moving (this will ensure you get the most amount of power in your swing).

Clear Your Mind

As simple as it sounds, clear your mind of all other thoughts before swinging at the ball. Once you are only thinking about hitting the ball, it will become that much easier to focus on the ball mentally and visually, which should lead to stroking the ball better on a consistent basis.

Always Follow Through Completely

Always follow through your swing completely and with energy. The moment any golfer begins to follow through weakly, they don’t receive optimal ball flight or speed due to the fact that their swing is actually slowing down prior to full contact. If you completely follow through, then the swing won’t slow down until the very tail end of the swing, which will always earn you fast, farther, longer and more accurate shots.

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