How to Use the TaylorMade Weight Wheel

By M.L. Rose

Lessons and practice comprise one way to improve your golf shots, but modern technology offers a few shortcuts. If you don’t have time to improve the way you swing the golf club, adapt your club to the way you swing. One technological breakthrough that even some top pros endorse is the concept of movable weights, typically within a driver. The clubhead contains ports into which small weights are screwed. The weight configuration you choose determines how your shots are affected.

Decide how you want to alter your shots. The weight wheel (more commonly known as a trajectory wheel) includes three basic settings – neutral, fade and draw – plus some variations of each. Use the fade setting to promote a mild left-to-right movement of the ball, or to help reduce a hook. Use the draw setting to achieve some right-to-left movement, or to try to cure a slice.

Turn the wheel’s inner disc until you see your desired setting in the window on the right side of the wheel.

Read the instructions on the wheel, which inform you where to place the weights.

Use the wrench – which is included, along with the wheel, when you buy the TaylorMade club -- to remove, shift or add weights into the clubhead’s ports, according to the wheel’s instructions.

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