How to Use a TaylorMade Trajectory Wheel

By M.L. Rose
Justin Rose plays TaylorMade's R11 driver, which has movable weight technology.
Justin Rose plays TaylorMade's R11 driver, which has movable weight technology.

Select TaylorMade drivers include movable weights that golfers can place in different configurations within the clubhead. Altering a clubhead’s weight isn’t a new concept. For many years, some golfers placed lead tape on strategic parts of their clubheads to improve their shots. Tape on the clubhead’s heel -- the area near the shaft -- lets the outer portion of the clubhead move quicker during the downswing, thereby reducing a slice or promoting a draw. Tape on the far side, or toe, of the clubhead has the opposite effect. Movable weights work on the same principle. To reduce a slice a golfer can now screw heavier weights into ports on the heel side of the club, while leaving lighter weights on the toe side.

Choose the setting you wish for your club. There’s typically a neutral setting, a medium draw setting and a stronger draw setting and a medium fade setting and stronger fade setting.

Turn the inner disc of the trajectory wheel – which is included with the club – until your desired setting appears in the window on the right side of the wheel.

Read the instructions on the wheel, which tell you where to place the weights.

Use the included wrench to unscrew and screw the weights out of, and into, the clubhead's ports, according to the wheel’s instructions.

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