How to Use Mizuno Irons

By Britt Barclay
Tour pro Luke Donald shows his form with Mizuno irons.
Tour pro Luke Donald shows his form with Mizuno irons.

The physical activity of hitting a ball is no different with Mizuno irons than any other iron. In fact there is very little difference in any way other than the manufacturer's name and each iron model's characteristics. This article will take you through the entire process of using Mizuno irons, from the moment you take the club from your bag on the first hole to when you're cleaning them off on your way to enjoy a beer with the guys at the 19th.

Using Mizuno Irons

Select the appropriate iron from your bag and take the shot. No special swing is required with Mizuno irons; they are simply another brand name like Nike or Titleist. Replace your divot and gently wipe off the club head to remove any dirt that became stuck during the shot.

Clean out the grooves in the club head. These are what allow you to put spin on the ball and make your shots easier to control; the grooves can be cleaned with either a tee or some sort of bristled scraper.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remainder of the round.

Clean your clubs thoroughly after completing the round. Many courses have club-head cleaners at the driving range so this is a good place to look.

Store your clubs indoors; in humid coastal climates it is important not to leave the clubs outside for too long as rust will begin to accumulate.

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