How to Use Lighter Fluid to Put on Golf Grips

By Deborah Cohn

Getting a proper grip on your golf club is a vital part of perfecting your golf game. As golf club grips age, the material hardens and becomes smooth, which can hurt your performance on the course. Many people send their clubs to a repair shop or a pro shop to get it regripped, but it’s simple to regrip a club on your own with lighter fluid, a utility knife, and some double-sided grip tape. Regripping your club can extend the life of your clubs by years.

Clean around the grip area of your club with soap and water and dry it thoroughly.

Put on work gloves. Use a utility knife to make a cut through the grip, just grazing the tape underneath. Don’t cut the shaft of the club.

Pry the hole in the grip open. Try to peel off the old grip. If it’s sticking to the shaft, use a little lighter fluid. Drip a bit of lighter fluid into the hole. Try to get the fluid between the shaft and the grip.

Use your hands, or a screwdriver if necessary, to peel off the old grip.

Remove the tape on the shaft that's under the grip.

With soap and water, clean the shaft where the old grip and tape were. Dry thoroughly.

Wind the two-sided grip tape up the shaft in the exact place that the grip used to be. Don’t tape up the top of the grip.

Take the tee and stick it into the hole at the top of the new grip. Pour 1/2 of a shot glass of lighter fluid into the hole. The tee will hold in the fluid.

Pour a bit of lighter fluid over the new tape, and slide the new grip onto the shaft. The lighter fluid will make it slide on easily.

Pull the tee out of the top of the grip, and push the grip all the way onto the shaft.

Quickly align the grip before the glue on the tape sets.

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