How to Use a Golf Training Club to Improve Your Game

By Richard Kalinowski
Practicing with both weighted training and hinged training clubs can help improve your tempo.
Practicing with both weighted training and hinged training clubs can help improve your tempo.

The two primary types of golf training clubs are weighted training clubs and hinged training clubs. Each training club is designed to target a different part of your golf game. Therefore, you’ll get the best training results by using both types of training clubs as part of a regular training routine. The weighted club will strengthen your swing, and the hinged club will increase your accuracy. By using the clubs correctly, you can greatly improve your overall golf game.

Use the hinged golf club first, honing your accuracy and perfecting your form. Only after you’ve developed these basic skills can you move on to increasing your swing power and associated driving distance in Step 2. Practice hitting balls with a hinged driver at a local driving range. According to, hinged clubs are designed to “break” whenever the golfer’s swing is flawed, thus giving you instant feedback about your game. Keep finetuning your overall swing until the club remains perfectly straight before, during and after you hit the ball. When you reach this point, your form is ideal, and you can begin using weights to train your muscles

Practice driving with a weighted club at a driving range, making sure you retain the proper form learned from the hinged club in Step 1. Weighted golf training clubs strengthen your muscles for increased power. After a week or two of using a weighted club, your normal club will seem much lighter and easier to handle. In addition, weighted clubs promote increased range of motion, as the momentum of your weighted swing encourages an increased backswing, according to

Begin incorporating hinged irons into a full 18-hole round of golf. While using a hinged driver on the driving range will develop an overall form, you’ll want to use hinged clubs once or twice on the actual course to ensure this form transfers over to your short game. Just make sure you have a relatively good form on the range before utilizing hinged clubs on the course, as constant “breaks” and resets of hinged clubs can slow your game and annoy other golfers waiting for the hole.

Continue to use weighted clubs for warmups even after you’ve toned your muscles and improved your swing power. While you can stop using hinged clubs once you’ve attained the right results, you never want to fully give up weighted club training. If you stop using weights, your muscles will begin to atrophy and your power will decrease. recommends taking 20 to 30 practice swings with a weighted club to get your muscles warmed up and ready before any game of golf. After these practice swings, you can switch back to a regular club.

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