Types of Golf Gloves

By Patrick Cameron
The golf glove is an important piece of equipment for all golfers.
The golf glove is an important piece of equipment for all golfers.

Don't forget about the glove when seeking out proper equipment for a game of golf. As your golf game progresses, and you spend more time on the course, having a good golf glove is vital. A glove's ability to absorb sweat and provide extra traction on the grip can help lower your score. There are three essential types of golf gloves on the market today.


Leather gloves are the most supple of the three types of golf gloves and that suppleness lends itself to the best feel. Top quality leather, or cabretta leather, is made from the hide of haired sheep (as opposed to wool) and remains soft and pliable through multiple uses. Cabretta leather is used in other sports gloves for other sports as well, such as baseball and softball. Leather gloves have one major drawback over other types of golf gloves: They tend to wear out more quickly and need to be replaced. Leather gloves will stretch out, so buy one that is a snug fit on your hand.


Synthetic materials offer better flexibility than leather golf gloves and they are also more durable. Commonly the synthetic material is synthetic leather, so the gloves actually look like those made out of genuine leather. While they last longer and tend to be more flexible, they often don't breathe as well as leather gloves. Synthetic gloves can be a less expensive, longer lasting alternative to 100 percent leather construction.


Golf glove manufacturers often will combine the two types of golf glove materials in order to make a third type of golf glove, known as a hybrid. Hybrid gloves offer the best of both worlds; leather in the palm and on the fingers for better grip, synthetic in the joints and wear points. Having leather in the palm and fingers creates the grip and feel of leather while putting synthetic leather on the joints and wear points gives the glove more flexibility and durability.

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