Top Hybrid Golf Clubs

By Patrick Cameron
Put away that fairway wood and make room for a hybrid in your golf game.
Put away that fairway wood and make room for a hybrid in your golf game.

Golf technology continues to evolve at a staggering pace. From driver designs with movable weight points to clubs that you can apply from 250 yards out all the way to the edge of the green, scoring low has never been so equipment-focused. The rise of the hybrid club has helped high and low handicap golfers alike, with a forgiving club that allows them to do a multitude of things, from hitting deep rough and long fairway shots to chipping around the green.

Callaway FT Hybrid

Callaway has been scoring some big points with the introduction of the FT hybrid. The club has a metal body and face with a tungsten sole plate that allows the club to maximize impact on the ball and still be forgiving with ball spin. There are four different FT hybrids to choose from with lofts running from a healthy 18 degrees in the 2H all the way up to the 5H, which has a 27 degree loft. The FT series also offers what Callaway calls the OptiFit system. Basically, the system allows golfers to shape their shot through a counter-weighting system. You can select between a fade, a neutral weight or a draw. The club has a Fujikura shaft and a stainless steel hosel, part of Callaway Golf's commitment to top-quality components.

Adams Idea a70S Hybrid

Adams Golf has been producing professional-grade clubs since 1987. Adams drivers are known as some of the most popular on the long drive circuit. With the Idea a70S hybrid, Adams has taken another step toward cementing its name as one of the top club providers in the sport. The club was awarded a Gold in the 2010 Golf Digest Hot List and has 44g of heel and toe weighting for hitting a variety of shots. The Adams hybrid features a progressive offset with a wide sole width and high forgiveness. The a70S comes in four different loft angles, ranging from 17 degrees up to 28 degrees and comes with Grafalloy ProLaunch Axis shaft.

Nickent 5DX Ironwood

If you're looking to get a hybrid in your bag but not wanting to shell out $100 or more for a top brand, you can still find great value with some of the less well-known hybrids on the market. The Nickent 5DX Ironwood, made by Nickent Golf, won the Golfer's Choice Award from Hacker's Paradise, a website that does a bi-annual assessment of new clubs. The 5DX has an interesting wing design on the back of the club, which helps to maximize inertia on the downswing, creating greater impact on the ball. The wings had a secondary effect, that of increasing the club head stability and allowing for longer, straighter shots for golfers, from professionals right down the the 36 handicapper.

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