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By Robert Preston
Irons are versatile clubs, capable of being played forward or back in a stance depending on needs.
Irons are versatile clubs, capable of being played forward or back in a stance depending on needs.

A reliable set of irons, one you are comfortable playing everywhere from the tee of a par-3 to the thick rough, is an invaluable part of a golfer's bag. Choosing the best irons to have on the course can make a big difference in your game, as a higher quality set will often be more forgiving of imperfect strokes.

Callaway Big Bertha '08 Set

While the Big Bertha line rose to fame as a line of drivers, Callaway's line of irons provide a great deal of control over the ball for amateur players. While the majority of the set contains graphite shafts, the set also includes a metal shaft on its approach wedge. The set also replaces the three high irons with Callaway "i-brid" clubs, which are designed to be easier to hit than standard long irons.

Ping G15 Set

Featuring metal shafts, this set comes with clubs ranging from a 3-iron to a pitching wedge and is designed to provide amateur golfers with maximum forgiveness from misplayed balls. Using a low center of gravity that is moved back from the face of the club, the irons allow for players to add distance to their shots without sacrificing the height they are used to.

Cobra S2 Forged Set

This forged set of Cobra irons is an excellent transitional set for players looking to get away from playing clubs that have a primary goal of maximizing forgiveness without committing fully to hitting some of the more difficult-to-strike forged designs. The set comes standard with clubs ranging from a 3-iron to a pitching wedge.

Mizuno MP-57 Set

Available with regular or firm metal shafts on all of the clubs in the set (3-PW), the Mizuno MP-57 set of forged clubs is an ideal choice for players that play at a fairly high level and are capable of hitting solid shots consistently. New players may struggle with the Mizuno MP-57 line, like with many forged clubs, as they are less forgiving of poor swings, however a strong player can score very well with the MP-57 irons.

Titleist ZM Forged Set

A set that runs from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge, the Titleist ZM Forged Iron Set features forged irons mounted on steel shafts. The ZM irons also feature two different hosel lengths for the set, with the long irons featuring a shorter hosel, maximizing the effectiveness of all of the clubs in the set. The Titleist ZM set is an excellent set of clubs for the very experienced golfer, as they will fly pure if hit well, but require a high level of skill to do so.

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