Top-Flite Golf Balls

By Timothy Bodamer
Top-Flite golf balls have been around the game for dozens of years.
Top-Flite golf balls have been around the game for dozens of years.

Top-Flite golf balls have been around for decades and are suited for players of all golf skills and ages. Distance balls are available for golfers who can drive the ball well off of the tee. High-spin balls are available for golfers looking to master their short game and create spin to get close to the pin.

Gamer V2

The Top-Flite Gamer V2 is considered Top-Flite's top ball, according to the Top-Flite website. The ball is a three-piece ball that is meant for durability and feel. The ball's soft inner core is used to help create spin and control.


The Top-Flite D2 uses an aerodynamic pattern to help golfers with distance and accuracy. The D2 ball comes in three varieties: distance, straight and feel. The balls are intended for golfers who have a wide variety of swing speeds. The D2 has a firm cover for golfers to get added distance. The D2 Straight uses a Slickote resin coating that potentially reduces sidespin on the ball.

XL 7000

The Top-Flite XL 7000 is made for distance as the ball is softer with lower compression. The thin-cover ball is utilized for extra control and added spin. The XL 7000 also uses a Slickote coating to potentially reduce sidespin that causes the ball to hook or slice.


The Top-Flite XL has been around for 25 years, providing a ball for distance and accuracy. Top-Flite promotes an Afterburner Core Technology for the ball to create additional distance. Both the XL Distance and XL Straight ball come in 15-ball packages. The XL Distance comes in white and yellow colors. The yellow color gives golfers an opportunity to find errant shots easier.

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