Why Is Titanium Used in Golf Clubs?

By Clint Hale

The days of woods that are actually made of wood, as well as flimsy metal shafts are long gone. Rather, today's golf clubs tend to rely on more top-flight components, including titanium. Of course, titanium is used in golf clubs for myriad reasons, most notably its array of advantages on the golf course.

Strong And Light

Titanium clubs are popular due to their strength, yet at the same time, their lightweight structure. The average titanium club is only 60 percent heavier than aluminum and nearly half the weight of steel. Despite its lightweight design, titanium does not yield when it comes to power. In fact, many golfers experience an increase in striking distance, due to an increased swing speed with a lighter titanium club.


Titanium clubs are also popular because of their ability to have weight added to other areas of the club with no negative result. Screws can be adjusted as needed in the club to tailor itself to a golfer's particular game. Titanium clubs are also noted for their ability to weather the elements, including rain and sun, with minimal impact on the clubs.

Distance And Forgiveness

Titanium clubs are lauded for their increased distance, off tee boxes and the fairways. Some golfers who made the switch to titanium clubs have witnessed a 20 percent increase on their striking distance. And while distance is increased with titanium, forgiveness is as well, which makes for a popular combination for any golfer. Forgiveness for golf clubs is a priority, as it means a club is less likely to send a slice or hook off into the rough. Rather, clubs with forgiveness often make up for a slice, hook or other errant shot.

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