Titanium Golf Clubs

By Chad Buleen
Titanium clubs are lighter than their steel counterparts.
Titanium clubs are lighter than their steel counterparts.

Titanium golf clubs have been used for several years, but came to be more popular in the early 1990s. Soon after they started being used by golfers, they rapidly grew in popularity thanks to the fact that they offered things other golf clubs couldn’t. This has allowed club makers to produce clubs with larger club heads without increasing the weight of the clubs.


Although titanium was discovered in 1791 and golf was played hundreds of years before that, titanium golf clubs weren't developed until the 1970s. It took a few years to perfect the design of titanium golf clubs, but by the time the 1990s arrived, the golf world had fallen in love with them.


There are two main reasons why titanium is used for golf clubs–it is strong and it is light. In fact, titanium is one of the hardest substances known to man. It also is resistant to corrosion. In fact, titanium is such a strong substance that it is sometimes used as armor for combat vehicles. Therefore, you should have little worry that the club will not hold up.


There are three different types of titanium that club developers use to manufacture clubs. The types are 9-6AL-4V, SP700 and 15-3-3-3. The quality of titanium is gauged in three different ways–tensile strength, elongation and HRC hardness. Hardness is self-explanatory, but tensile strength gauges how difficult it is to crack or break the club and elongation measures the amount of spring or flexibility the titanium has.


Because a titanium club head is lighter than other club heads, you can swing more quickly and with less resistance. Similarly, club developers can manufacture different types, designs and sizes of club heads that may have been heavy if made with another material, but are still light when made with titanium.


According to the British Medical Journal, because modern titanium clubs can create a kind of sonic boom when they connect with the ball, golfers who use titanium clubs have been advised by some doctors to wear ear plugs.

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