Tips for Taking Care of New Nike Shoes

By Marc Jenkins
Using a few tips to take care of your new Nike golf shoes will help them last longer.
Using a few tips to take care of your new Nike golf shoes will help them last longer.

Generally, Nike shoes are more expensive than many other brands of athletic shoes, so anyone who purchases a pair should be sure to take proper care of it. It is as simple to take care of this new pair of Nikes as it is to mess them up. All you have to do is pay attention, follow these tips and your new Nikes will remain looking new over a year after you purchased them.

Baby Wipes

Keep a pack of baby wipes somewhere handy. They are very effective at keeping the leather on the shoes clean, especially if the shoes are a light color. Any kind of scrape or scratch that hasn’t penetrated the leather can be rubbed off with the wipes rather using soap, water and a cloth. You can also use the baby wipes for the bottom of the shoes if you have stepped in something that you need to remove.

Pencil Eraser

Use a pencil eraser if any type of scuff or scratch is placed on a rubbery mid-sole. Simply use the eraser on the mid-sole as if you were erasing a mistake on paper, and the scratch will gradually come off after a couple of minutes. This method works for almost every kind of mark that may appear on your mid-sole.

Nail Polish Remover

Use nail polish remover on the shoes if they are made with patent leather and they have gotten a scratch on them. Simply place a small amount of the nail polish remover on a tissue or cloth wipes, and two or three times on the scratch, and watch it almost magically disappear.

Keep the Paper or Cardboard Inserts

Most pairs of new Nike shoes bought at a store have either paper or cardboard inserts placed on the inside of them. Keep those inserts, and every time you take the shoes off, place them back inside. If this is done, the inserts will help the shoes somewhat keep their original form, thus removing any unwanted creases in the leather.

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