Tips for New Drivers

By Matt Manco
Choose a new driver after taking advantage of demo clubs provided by po shops andretailers.
Choose a new driver after taking advantage of demo clubs provided by po shops andretailers.

Every golf season, major manufacturers introduce full lines of drivers to the public, each designed to accentuate players' skills and hide their flaws. Some drivers are designed to help slower swingers get the ball in the air. Increasing carry distance is the surest way to improve overall distance, so club makers target players struggling with this problem. Other drivers, like many in the Titleist line, cater to faster swingers looking for a more penetrating ball flight. A lower, more piercing ball flight lets better players work the ball whichever direction they like more easily, and makes more challenging conditions a bit tamer.

Game Improvement

The most common and accessible category of drivers, game improvement includes many of the top-selling clubs among major manufacturers. Many popular drivers have adjustable head position settings, which can help manipulate ball flight. The technology is designed to help players fighting hooks and slices make a quick equipment adjustment rather than completely rebuild their swing.

Max Game Improvement

Designed for slower swingers struggling with major distance and control issues, max game improvement drivers frequently feature square heads developed to help players make more solid contact.

Square head designs are meant to improve MOI, or moment of inertia, meaning shots struck away from the center of the club face will lose minimal distance. By stretching out the frame the club is built on, designers can pull the center of gravity farther from the club face, making mishits less damaging.

Player's Drivers

Representing a much smaller percentage of drivers, player's clubs are designed to maximize golfers' ability to work the ball around the course. Better players demand clubs that let them work the ball left to right or right to left. Player's drivers put more control in your hands while sacrificing the forgiveness of game improvement drivers. This category requires you to have a solid understanding of what you want your ball to do and how to make it perform.

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