Tips on Hitting a Golf Ball

By Bill Herrfeldt
At the top of the swing, your golf club should be pointing directly at your target.
At the top of the swing, your golf club should be pointing directly at your target.

If you are a good enough golfer to make a living on one of the professional tours, consider yourself lucky because there are only 500 to 600 of them in the world. Otherwise--with the exception of an occasional bet on the golf course--you play the game for fun while trying to improve your scores and handicap. Discover a few tips on how best to hit a golf ball.

Take out a six iron. Then, with your knees bent a bit, your feet spread apart a little wider than your shoulders and the trunk of your body bending forward from the waist and in a sitting position, allow your arms to hang loose to the ground. Grip the club as you have learned, and rest the club head on the ground and place a ball there. That's a good way to be sure you are the proper distance from the ball. Do it this way until it becomes second nature to you.

Evenly distribute your weight between your heels and toes to create a balance, and point the toe of your leading foot slightly toward the target to aid you during your follow-through. That will also create more tension between you upper and lower body, which will result in greater distance.

Perfect a golf swing that is a single continuous motion, seamlessly going from your backswing to your follow-through. For this to happen, you will need for every part of your swing to perform in unison. Begin the swing by taking the club back in a sweeping motion to a point where the golf club is pointing directly at your target, keeping your forward arm straight and your shoulders as close to perpendicular to the ground as you can. Your flexibility will determine how much you can turn your shoulders. Also, at the top of your swing, most of your weight should be over the leg farthest from the target.

Slide your weight to the other leg before you begin your downswing, keep your body from swaying and look at the ball until you have made contact. A the point of contact with the ball, the club head should be aimed at the target, and your club should simply be an extension of the arm closest to the target. Once you have hit the ball, finish your swing where your arms are above you and your body is facing the green or fairway.

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