Tips on a Great Golf Grip

By Denise Sullivan
Improve your grip for a better golf swing.
Improve your grip for a better golf swing.

The proper grip is a key part of any good golf swing. Even a minor slip or misalignment can send your shot yards away from the desired target. Spend some time checking your grip position the next time you are at the practice range to make sure you are not reinforcing bad habits on every swing. Remember to keep your hands loose so the club can swing freely. Squeezing the grip too hard will cause tension in your arms and limit the range of your swing.

Lining Up the Club

Place the head of the club on the ground and steady the grip end with your dominant hand. Grab the top of the grip with your non-dominant hand and let your arm hang straight down from your shoulder. Slide your dominant hand down the grip until the pinky finger is interlocked with the index and middle fingers of your non-dominant hand. Wrap your hand around the grip so the club shaft is anchored against the bottom of your index finger. Check your hands to make sure the two "V"s formed by your thumb and index finger are aiming toward a point halfway between your right shoulder and chin.

Strengthen Your Wrists and Forearms

The best grip position will not help if your wrists and forearms are not strong enough to hold the club steady on the swing. Even a strong golfer may have a weak grip if he has a large strength imbalance between his dominant and non-dominant hands. The club will pull to the non-dominant side, sending the shot off-line or causing the club head to hit the top of the ball. To improve your strength, use the last three fingers of your hand to hold the club in a straight line in front of you for 10 to 15 seconds. Lower the club and repeat the exercise with your other hand. Once you are strong enough for this basic exercise, increase the difficulty by moving the club up and down several times. This exercise is especially helpful for golfers whose dominant hand is much stronger than their non-dominant hand.

Maintain Your Golf Clubs

Inspect the grips on your golf clubs periodically to make sure they are not ripped or worn. Change the grip or take the club to a local pro shop for a replacement grip before playing your next round of golf. A bad grip will make you to squeeze the club tighter to keep it from slipping out of your hands. Gripping the club too hard can also cause hand, wrist, arm or shoulder injuries.

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