Tips for the Best Golf Swing

By George N. Root III
A proper swing can keep you out of the rough.
A proper swing can keep you out of the rough.

Executing a good golf swing means making sure you do all of the little things right each time you swing the club. A good teacher gives students some pointers to remember as they address the ball, and some advice on what to look for when the ball seems to be going astray.


A golf swing is based primarily on tempo. If your body is doing everything in unison, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of a good golf swing. If you feel as though you are rushing your swing, then you probably are. Take a deep breath and then concentrate on following the tempo set by your breathing. You can solve many of the problems associated with a bad golf swing by slowing down the swing and making sure that everything is done together. Swinging too fast does not allow you to get your weight through the shot properly, and it can also cause you to lift your body on contact.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Keeping your eye on the ball is the most common piece of advice given in golf, but if you want to maintain an effective swing then keeping your eye on the ball is essential. When you keep your eye on the ball you are keeping your head down when you swing. Doing this prevents you from lifting your upper body during contact and can help you to maintain control over your shot. Watching the ball as you strike it can also help to improve your hand-eye coordination, so you will be able to hit the ball with the center of the club face more often and avoid losing shots to the left or right because of a bad hit.

Plant Your Feet

Many golfers get anxious feet when they are addressing the ball. They move their feet from side to side, or rock back and forth in their stance and claim that this helps them maintain a good tempo. But all you are doing when you move your feet like this is shifting your weight prior to the swing. When you finally do take the club back to make your swing, your weight is already shifting around and you have no control over your center of gravity. Plant your feet in position when you address the ball, and keep them there when you make your swing. Your weight shift should be natural and follow the flow of your club. Shifting your weight by moving your feet will cause you to lose control of your swing.

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