Tips on a Golf Slice

By Matt Crownover
Eliminate your slice and start hitting shots down the middle.
Eliminate your slice and start hitting shots down the middle.

For many golfers, a slice is their worst enemy. An uncontrollable slice can ruin holes and scorecards. According to a poll, 70 percent of golfers said a slice is their greatest golf sin. And as clubs get more advanced and golfers swing harder, slices are becoming the norm. But there are some things you can do to start hitting the ball down the middle.

What Is a Slice?

A slice is a golf shot unintentionally goes right of your target. There are three main types of slices: straight, pull and push. The straight slice starts out looking good, then tails to the right at the end because the club face is too open at impact. The pull slice starts left and ends up right. The push slice starts right and goes even farther right. The pull slice and push slice are caused by not having the club squared up to the ball correctly and having the face too open.

Adjust Your Stance

Try dropping your right foot back about 10 inches, then force yourself to swing along your toes. This drill will help you get used to swinging the club on an in-to-out path. Practice this drill for a while and then slowly go back to your original stance, but keep hitting the ball on the same path.

Baseball-Style Drill

Practice hitting the ball similar to how you would a baseball. Address it as you normally would, and then move your left foot back until it touches your right foot. Swing to the top and then move your left foot back to its original position on your downswing. Hit the ball with two feet on the ground. This is another way to force an inside-out sequence because it forces you to begin your downswing with your lower body.

Hit the Middle Ball

Place three balls on the ground in a diagonal, about 4 inches apart. Approach the ball as you normally would and try and make contact with the center ball without hitting the other two. The only way to only make contact with the middle ball is to swing on an inside-out path.

Use Your Brain

Your attitude plays a big part in fixing your slice. Try to relax and not force shots. If you are certain your ball is going right, try swinging at 75 percent of normal. The slice will be less dramatic. Don't be concerned about where the hole is located. Aim for the left part of the fairway and concentrate on getting your ball onto the middle of the green. Keep practicing and stay patient, and your slice can be a thing of the past.

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