Tips on Buying Shoes

By Chris Joseph
Shoes are one of the most important components of any golfer's equipment.
Shoes are one of the most important components of any golfer's equipment.

In addition to clubs and balls, another important component of the golfer’s equipment arsenal is the proper golf shoes. Golfers can spend from four to six hours on their feet during a typical round, so it is vital that the golf shoes worn are comfortable. Shoe style can also be important. There are specific tips to follow for choosing the right shoes that can help improve the golfer’s play, whether male or female.

When to Shop

By shopping after you have been moving around for part of the day, it will allow the opportunity for your feet to “expand” from receiving blood flow. This will help ensure that you will get a proper fit. If you need to shop earlier in the day, you should walk for about 20 minutes before entering the shop.

Try On Both Shoes

Be sure to try on both shoes, as some people may have a slight size variance between feet. You should also wear a pair of golf socks and not dress or heavy athletic socks. After lacing up the shoes completely, walk around the shop for at least five minutes. If necessary, try on several pairs until you find ones that are comfortable.


When choosing spikes for your shoes, the choice will likely come down to plastic versus metal. Golfing footwear has been gradually making the transition from metal to plastic spikes, and many golf courses will now only allow plastic spikes to prevent the tearing up of the fairways and greens. If you plan on traveling to a variety of golf courses, you will likely want to purchase shoes with plastic spikes to avoid the possibility of being prohibited from playing.


Your golf shoes need to provide your feet with the proper support. A golfer's stance is critical to how well the ball is struck, and an uncomfortable stance can lead to a poor swing. Your shoes should provide extra support in the sole and heel of your foot. You also want to feel balanced when trying on your shoes, as this will help you feel more secure when hitting a shot.


You will likely want golf shoes that are made of material that is waterproof. They will not only keep your feet dry during rainy weather, but also during early-morning play when dew on the course can be a factor. Wet feet can lead to discomfort, which can affect how well you play.


In addition to how the golf shoes feel, you may also want to consider how they look. Whether male or female, your choice of shoes should allow you to wear them with a variety of outfits. If you are confident in how you look while on the course, it can have an impact on how well you play.

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