What Are Some Tips for Being a Golf Caddy?

By Larry Anderson
Along with transporting clubs, caddies can offer helpful advice.
Along with transporting clubs, caddies can offer helpful advice.

The overall responsibility of golf caddies is to make the game of golf more enjoyable for the golfers for whom they are caddying. The most basic job of caddies is to carry the golf bags and hand golfers clubs when they request them. But there are a number of other duties caddies have, such as tending the pin, replacing divots and determining yardages between the ball and the green.

Be prepared

Make sure you have a pencil and scorecard, and a towel. Before the round of begins, grab some tees from the bag as well as some balls so you do not have to dig for them should they be necessary later. Ask the golfer if there is anything specific you should do during the round.

Have the Clubs Ready

Place the bottom of the golf bag on the ground and hold the top away from your body. Depending on your height, the top of the clubs should be at about your waist. Presenting the clubs in such a fashion allows the golfers to easily select the clubs they want to use. Do this before each shot, except on the green.

Clean Clubs and Balls

Carry a towel and wipe off clubs after each shot, and wipe balls when they are on the green or between holes. Additionally, many courses have hand-operated club and ball cleaners at the beginning of holes. Use these to further clean clubs and balls.

Be Ready to Rake

Caddies are responsible for keeping sand traps and bunkers raked. The rakes are located next to the bunkers and should be used after golfers hit their balls out of them. Rake all parts of the bunker the golfers disturb.

Watch the Ball

While most golfers will hit their ball then watch to see where it lands, you should, too. If golfers do not see where their balls land, caddies should be able to show them.

Maintain the Golf Course

This involves replacing the divots golfers create when they hit the ground as well as their ball. When that happens, chunks of grass will fly a short distance. Caddies should retrieve these chunks of grass and put them back. Golfers can take divots on fairways or in the rough.

Tend the Pin

Caddies should be ready to tend or remove the pin when golfers are putting. Pins need to be tended when the ball is in such a location that golfers have trouble seeing the hole. To tend a pin, stand near it with one hand on it. Remove the pin after the putt has been hit. If the ball is close enough to the hole so the golfer can see it while putting, the pin can be removed right away.

Stand in the Right Place

When golfers are hitting their shots, caddies should be out of the way, and standing completely still and silent. Any movement can throw off a shot. On the green, caddies must be cognizant of where they stand and make sure they do not walk in the imaginary lines between balls and holes.

Wear the Proper Attire

While most caddies will be given a uniform to wear, they should plan to wear collared shirts and khaki pants or shorts. It also is a good idea to wear a brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your face. Well-kept gym shoes also should be worn.

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