How to Swing a Golf Club as a Lefty

By Robert Preston
An important key is finding a left-handed instructor, or a pro who has successfully taught left-handed golfers.
An important key is finding a left-handed instructor, or a pro who has successfully taught left-handed golfers.

Learning to golf is a rewarding experience, however it can also be an incredibly frustrating one, as the game takes time to master. For a left-handed golfer, the process can be even more frustrating, as many articles on proper form and technique will describe all swings for a right-handed player, to avoid more wordy nomenclature for the parts involved. This can prove difficult, however, as a left-handed golfer must remember to always reverse left and right in articles geared towards a right-handed golfer, instead of simply following what they read.

Grip the club first with your right hand, wrapping your fingers around the back of the shaft, with your thumb pointing down the shaft at the face.

Place your left hand on the club over your right thumb so that the left thumb is also pointed down in line with the right, and your left pinky is resting atop the index and middle fingers of your right hand.

Position the ball forward in your stance, just off your right heel, for your driver, or back in your stance near the middle of your feet for wedges, playing the clubs in between the driver and wedges accordingly.

Aim the face of the club at your target by looking down the line from your ball to your target while standing behind it, choosing an object near the ball that is on that line, and aiming the face at that object when standing over the ball.

Stand over the ball with your legs flexed slightly, and your upper body bent out so your head is over the ball, being sure to bend at the hips, not the waist.

Swing the club back by turning your shoulders toward your left side, keeping your arms in the same position until your turn forces them to break naturally. Follow shortly behind your shoulders with your hips, which will also be pulled naturally by the shoulder turn.

Swing down on the ball by shifting your weight forward onto your right foot and turning your hips forward until your shoulders and arms naturally follow, snapping your hands forward at the bottom of the swing to strike the ball.

Follow through by rotating over your right foot until your shoulders are pointed at the target.

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