Stretching Exercises for Golf

By George N. Root III
Stretching loosens muscles and prepares golfers for competition.
Stretching loosens muscles and prepares golfers for competition.

Golf might seem like a leisurely walk through a field, but without proper stretching, you could do some serious damage to your body. The motions in golf force you to move in ways you would normally would not, so in order to prevent any pulling or tearing injuries, it's always a good idea to stretch and warm up before hitting the links.

Upper Body Twists

Take any club and place it along the back of your neck and your shoulders. Bring your arms up and over so your forearms rest on the top of the club and hold it in place. Slowly turn your upper body side to side--first slowly to the left on a level plane, then slowly back to center, then slowly to the right on a level plane. Do a count of 10 for each side.

Begin again, but this time, as you slowly turn to the left, dip your left elbow down. Come back to center and then slowly turn to the right dipping your right elbow down. Do a count of 10 on each side.

Leg Stretches

Your legs need to be loose for a smooth swing, and you want to stretch them in preparation for the day's walking. This exercise takes care of all three leg stretching exercises at once.

Stand straight up and spread your feet apart just a little more than shoulder width. Slowly bend your left knee out, which should cause your right leg to extend to the left. You should feel the back of your right leg stretch. Hold that for a count of two, then slowly come back to center. Slowly lean forward and feel the stretch in the back of both legs. Hold it for a count of two and then slowly stand back up. Slowly bend your right knee, which will cause your left leg to extend. You should feel the back of your left leg stretch. Hold this for a count of two and then return to center.

Repeat all three 10 times. Be slow and gradual to avoid injury. Once you feel the stretch start, that's your cue to hold the position and do not go any further.

Shoulder Stretch

Place your arms on top of your head with your left arm holding on to your right elbow and your right arm holding on to your left elbow. Take a deep breath, and as you slowly exhale, slowly pull your left elbow with your right arm until you start to feel the stretch in your armpit and shoulder. Slowly bring your arms back to the center of your head, take a deep breath, and slowly pull your right elbow with your left arm until you feel the stretch. Do this 10 times for each side.


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