How to Stop Flipping Hands Through a Golf Swing

By Kim Kleinle
Flipping hands through a golf swing can cause a player to lose power, distance and consistency.
Flipping hands through a golf swing can cause a player to lose power, distance and consistency.

Recreational golfers may try to lift the ball, rather than let the club elevate the ball. As a result, the golfer's dominate hand (right hand for righthanded players), scoops at the ball and the wrists flip at impact. When his hands flip through the golf swing, the player loses power and distance as well as consistency; the resulting shot can be fat or thin (hit behind or on top of the ball).

Picture swinging an ax to cut down a tree. Your arms extend at the point of impact with the tree. The same motion applies to the golf swing.

Set up with the impact bag in the middle of your stance. Address the bag as if it were the golf ball. Your left arm (for righthanded golfers) should be straight and should feel like an extension of the club.

Take a normal three-quarter backswing. The left wrist should remain flat, neither cupped nor bowed.

Make a slow-motion downswing and tap the bag, holding the impact position for the count of five. At this point, both arms should be extended and straight. The hands should be ahead of the club head and the hips rotated toward the target.

Repeat this motion with the bag until you feel comfortable with it, then try to repeat the same motion without the bag.

Practice alternating between hitting golf balls with this new motion and hitting the bag to reinforce the proper impact position.

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