Steps to Swing a Golf Club

By Sharon Penn
Learn the correct golf swing from a teaching professional.
Learn the correct golf swing from a teaching professional.

It takes practice to learn how to swing a golf club correctly. Before you go out on the golf course, it is a good idea to take a group or individual lesson from a golf teaching professional to learn the basic swing. A pro can also give you some pointers about how to choose a golf club that is right for your physical characteristics and your swing.

Addressing the Ball

Develop a pre-shot routine that remains consistent whenever you address the golf ball. In addition to serving as a check to see that you are technically correct in your address, a pre-shot routine puts you in the right frame of mind to hit the ball. Look at the pin. Determine your target line by taking into consideration any hazards in play, as well as the curvature and slope of the fairway. Assume your stance so that your feet are about as wide as your shoulders for the tee shot, and make sure your grip is correct. Square the club and your body to the target line. Maintain the correct posture by lowering your chest with your weight toward your heels. Your knees, arms and shoulders should be tension-free.

The Takeaway

Maintain your balance as you take the club back by making a shoulder turn around your spine. For a right-handed golfer, your left arm will be straight or slightly bent. Swing your arms and the club until the left shoulder comes close to the right armpit. By the time your left arm is parallel to the ground, your wrists will be cocked at a 90 degree angle. Shift your weight to the back leg as the club comes back. Your arms and shoulders should work together smoothly on the takeaway, and your left knee remains stable to prevent overturning. Keep the heel of your left foot down as you shift your weight back. Resist the urge to sway from side to side.

The Downswing

Maintain your wrists in the 90-degree cocked position for as long as possible to generate distance as you hit through the ball at impact. Start the downswing by moving your left knee toward the pin (for right-handed golfers), as your lower body slides toward the hole. As your body uncoils your weight shifts to the left. Allow your arms to extend fully on impact, and continue with a strong follow through with your left foot down and your right heel lifted as the club connects with and comes through the ball.

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