Steps to a Better Golf Swing

By Sharon Penn
Your arms, shoulders and core should work together smoothly for a good golf swing.
Your arms, shoulders and core should work together smoothly for a good golf swing.

To get the most out of your time on the golf course you need to have a swing that results in distance and accuracy. Videos, clinics and private lessons are good ways to reinforce the positives and prevent bad habits from forming. Fortunately, with a few adjustments and a review of the basics, you can learn to swing the golf club correctly for that beautiful shot of your dreams.

Before You Touch the Ball

In order to produce a better golf swing, check to see if you are using the right equipment. If you are frustrated by using your 3 or 4-iron, you are not alone. Many golfers have moved to hybrids to replace the higher irons. A hybrid can give you the higher trajectory, accuracy and distance you are after. Check to see if the shafts of your clubs are too stiff or too long, or if your club head size is too small with a narrow sweet spot. You will also want to check the loft of your clubs, even the driver. Players with slower swing speeds can benefit from a driver with a loft of 12 degrees or more. Make sure you are gripping the club correctly between the first and second joint of your index finger all the way back to the base of your pinkie.


Use a consistent pre-shot routine. For a tee shot, place your feet as wide as your shoulders and position the ball off the inside of your front foot. Check to make sure your club face is square to the pin. Your arms should hang down and your shoulders should be over your knees. Release the tension in your knees, arms and shoulders and put your weight toward your heels. Maintain your balance through the swing.

Hitting the Ball

Begin the takeaway by turning your shoulders with your left arm straight or bent slightly. Bring your left arm toward your right armpit so that your left shoulder is under your chin. Resist the urge to sway from side to side. As your left arm becomes parallel to the ground, you will notice that your wrists will be cocked at a 90-degree angle and your weight will shifted to the back leg. For the downswing, maintain the 90-degree angle of your wrists until impact. Your right arm should be tucked into your body, and your weight should shift to the front foot as your body uncoils toward the target. At impact, your arms should be straight and the club face should be square to the pin. Hit the ball right in the sweet spot of your club. Follow through with your chest facing the target as your right heel comes up. Your arms, shoulders and core should all work together smoothly for a good golf swing.

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