Step-by-Step Golf Swing

By Patrick Cameron
One of the most important keys to a good swing is keeping your head still throughout the stroke.
One of the most important keys to a good swing is keeping your head still throughout the stroke.

The game of golf can be frustrating for the beginner as well as the advanced. One reason why is the number of muscles and body parts involved in a proper golf swing. There are 22 muscles used to generate club head speed alone--not to mention the coordinated use of your arms, legs, knees and hips to complete the swing from take away to follow-through. Having a consistent motion that you can rely on time and time again will propel your golf game forward, allowing you to focus on the small nuances that make for low scores.

Set up for the swing. You want it to feel natural, your body over the ball, your arms comfortably reaching down, hands gripping the club.

Start the club head back from the ball 3 feet. Your body should stay in an aligned position, wrists and arms firm, weight over the center.

Move the club to waist high, keeping your lead arm fairly straight, your hips with a slight rotation away from the ball.

Advance your club to three quarters of the entire backswing. The shaft should be almost vertical, the club head above your head and your elbow level.

Take the club the entire way back. Your weight should be over your back foot, hips cocked back and ready to explode. At this point the club should be almost horizontal and your forward shoulder should be under your chin.

Move the club so that the shaft is once again at waist level, horizontal from the body. Your hips should be moving back toward the ball. Your wrists should be cocked at this point and ready to break upon impact. Weight is still on the back foot but it is beginning to move toward the lead foot.

Bring the club down to impact, your body weight transitioning back to the lead foot, hips and shoulders squaring up over the ball and wrists breaking to deliver more club head velocity.

Move your club through the front arc spectrum, from 3 feet past impact to waist height to three quarter swing. Your body weight should be entirely on your lead leg and your hips continuing to rotate through the ball.

Complete the swing with the follow-through. Your hips and upper body should be facing toward the hole, the club horizontal behind your head.

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