Stack & Tilt Golf Swing Method

By Patrick Cameron
Tour player Mike Weir used the Stack and Tilt swing while competing in the 2011 Canadian Open.
Tour player Mike Weir used the Stack and Tilt swing while competing in the 2011 Canadian Open.

For all the hundreds of swing techniques out there, none has garnered quite the amount of attention on the pro tour and with teaching professionals than the Stack and Tilt. The Stack and Tilt goes against mainstream swing instruction, in that it promotes a centralized position over the ball, the stacking of the shoulders through the swing and tilting of the spine with the swing movement. The end result of the swing is better ball-striking ability which creates stronger compression on the ball.

Stand at address with your spine straight, head over the ball, hips level and your non-lead shoulder (the shoulder farthest from the hole) tilted just under level.

Go into the backswing. Your spine will angle towards the target. This causes the lead leg to straighten. Your hips should stay level while your lead shoulder tucks under your chin.

Start your downswing. Weight shifts primarily to the lead leg and you are in an almost spring-like stance, ready to rise upward at the point of impact. Your hips should be level and your head should remain centered over the ball.

Impact the ball with a downward force, compressing it and sending it rocketing towards the target.

Follow through on your stroke. Your hips rotate to open up the body so that it is aligned with the target. Your torso should push forward while your spine decompresses, elongating away from the target. At finish, 90 percent of your body weight should be over the front side of your body (or lead side).

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