How to Stack & Tilt in Golf

By John Wagner
The stack and tilt refers to one method of striking down on the golf ball.
The stack and tilt refers to one method of striking down on the golf ball.

The "stack and tilt" golf swing has become popular over the last few years. Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett are the two instructors responsible for popularizing the stack and tilt swing. This method promotes striking down on the ball and can be successful for golfers who frequently hit behind the ball.

Set up to the ball with your shoulders centered, or "stacked" over your hips. Sixty percent of your weight should be on your front foot and 40 percent on your back foot.

Swing the club back and tilt your spine toward the target. As the club swings back, turn your shoulders and let your hands swing in and around your body. At the top of the backswing, your spine should be tilted toward the target. You should feel more weight on your front foot than you had at address, and your right leg should be fairly straight.

Swing the club down to impact and feel even more weight shift to your front foot. Move your hips laterally toward the target as you approach impact.

Turn your hips to the target after impact and finish with 90 percent of your weight on the front foot.

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