How to Show an Eagle on a Scorecard in Golf

By William McCoy
Keep your scorecard as a memento of your successful eagle.
Keep your scorecard as a memento of your successful eagle.

If you're skilled or lucky enough to score a two-under-par eagle on a hole during a round of golf, recognize the accomplishment by properly marking it on your scorecard. It will be extremely satisfying to write the number representing the eagle on the scorecard, such as writing a 2 on a par-4 or a 3 on a par-5 hole. In addition to the number, eagles are typically represented in golf with a double-circle symbol.

Write the score you achieved below the correct hole. For example, if you scored a 3 on the 15th hole, mark a 3 in the column under the header for the 15th hole.

Confirm that you indeed shot an eagle, which is two strokes under par. The hole's par is always identified on the scorecard.

Circle your score with two circles to represent the eagle. In golf, a single circle represents a birdie, and a square represents a bogey.

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