Shoulder Roll Exercises

By Sarka-Jonae Miller
Shoulder exercises can prevent stains and soreness.
Shoulder exercises can prevent stains and soreness.

Shoulder roll exercises can relieve tension in the neck and shoulder area, and can loosen up the shoulders before tee time and on days after playing when you may experience shoulder pain. Shoulder rolls are easy to do and if you're not using weights, there really isn't a way to overdo them.

Pre and Post Game

Shoulder rolls or circles are an important exercise to warm up before a golf game and cool down afterward. Stand up straight and rotate both shoulders backward 10 times with your arms relaxed at your sides. Then rotate your shoulders forward 10 times. Now, rotate your right arm backwards 10 times in big circles and then forward 10 times in wide circles. Then do the same with the left arm. Do both arms together forward and backward 10 times. Round your shoulders and upper back as you come forward. This will warm up your tendons, ligaments and muscles to prepare you for a game. You'll feel looser and increase your range of motion. You can also do hip rolls, wrist rolls, squats and side bends as part of your warm-up. Do slow shoulder rolls after your game to slowly cool down the muscles and release tension.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder rolls are great to reduce pain experienced 24 to 48 hours after a game. Daily rolls and stretches will prevent pain as well. Follow the same instructions above for performing shoulder rolls and shoulder circles, but use a smaller range of motion to avoid increasing pain. Speak with a physician if this is painful. Anti-inflammatory medications may also help shoulder pain.

Shoulder Exercise

Shoulder rolls are a good exercise, but to strengthen your shoulder or to rehab it you should do some weight exercises for your shoulder as well. A good exercise to work your deltoids and rotators is a "W" exercise. You can do this standing, seated or leaning on a stability ball for the most challenge. Lean on a stability ball with your right side and right hip against the ball. Rest your lower right arm on the ball as well. Your right knee is on the floor and your left leg is extended straight to your side. Hold a light dumbbell in your left hand with the elbow bent. The dumbbell will be at shoulder height with your palm facing forward. Rotate your arm forward from the shoulder as far as it can comfortably go. Rotate it back to the starting position. Do two sets of 10 to 12 reps and then do the other arm by switching sides. You can also do overhead presses from this position to build strength in your medial deltoid and tricep muscle. Start with the dumbbell in the same position and extend your arm straight over your head. Return to the starting position. Do two sets of 10 to 12 reps per side as well. You'll build ab strength doing these exercises against the ball because your core will have to keep you in position while lifting the weights. A strong core will improve your golf game as your balance will improve. Do shoulder rolls after you do these strength exercises to reduce muscle soreness and aid in muscle recovery.

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