Shoulder Definition Exercises

By Clint Hale
Use free weights for shoulder-strengthening exercises.
Use free weights for shoulder-strengthening exercises.

Strengthening and adding definition to the shoulders can help your golf game in a number of ways, primarily increasing your distance. But the shoulder is sensitive and at risk of injury, so it's vital to use proper form when working out to improve definition in and around the shoulder area.

Shoulder Shrugs

Shrugs, which build bulk in the trapezius muscles around the shoulders, are quite easy to perform. Simply shrug your shoulders as high as they can go, pause for a moment, and let the shoulders fall back to original position naturally. You can also add weight via an overhead shrug, in which you hold a barbell overhead with arms straightened. From there, simply lift the shoulders, bringing them toward your ears. Repeat until you feel them working your shoulder areas, making sure not to overdo it.

Rotator Cuff Exercise

The rotator cuff is an important part of the shoulder and aids in movement, so strengthening it will help prevent injury to the shoulder. To strengthen and tone the rotator cuff, grab a barbell, lie face down on a workout bench with a shoulder hanging off the bench, and lift one arm forward and backward. Repeat with the other arm. Make sure to start with light weights to avoid injury.

Seated Shoulder Press

Begin in a seated position with your lower back against the back pad of a press machine. Grip the handles of the machine, keeping your arms bent at a right angle. Push the weight upward and over your head until your arms are only slightly bent. Return to the original position. Do about 10 reps and three sets.

Upright Row

Stand straight up and hold a barbell with an overhand grip near your waist. Raise the bar upward until it reaches your chin. Lower the barbell back to original position. Perform 10 reps for three sets.

Bench Press

This old standard of weightlifting is sure to add strength to your chest, shoulders and arms. When using free weights, always maintain a spotter when performing with heavier weights. Lying on your back, raise the barbell off the rack, lower to your chest and then completely straighten your arms. Repeat between six to 10 reps, depending on weight, for three sets.

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