How Should I Take Care of My Wood Golf Clubs?

By Robert Preston
Good protective head covers are a standard piece of equipment.
Good protective head covers are a standard piece of equipment.

It is important to take proper care of your golf clubs, both on the course and away from it, to ensure that the clubs remain in optimal working condition. Poorly maintained clubs are more likely to lead to bad shots, as any imperfections that are in the club head from poor treatment can cause errors in the way the ball reacts to the club. Proper care is especially important with old-fashioned woods, which feature heads made out of wood, as they are more easily damaged than their metal counterparts.

Care for the clubs when they are out of the bag on the course, being sure not to put undue strain on them. Some players, angered by a bad shot, slam the club down, which can damage the club head.

Place a club head cover over the head of the wood any time it is being put back into the bag to keep the the irons from damaging the club head as the bag is jostled during the course of a round.

Dry off the club head with a towel after every shot when playing a round in or following a rain, or an early-morning round when dew is on the grass. The water on the club head can damage the head if you do not keep the wood dry.

Prepare a bucket of warm soapy water at the conclusion of a round.

Clean the wood heads with a rag that has been dipped into the soapy water, then scrubbed along the surface of the club head. Do not dip the head or allow it to soak or it may suffer water damage.

Dry each club with a towel immediately after cleaning to prevent water damage. Much like water on the course, drops of water from the cleaning can damage the club if allowed to sit.

Apply wood wax to the surface of the club head, if desired, as instructed on the packaging. Be sure not to apply wax to the metal plate on the front of the club.

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