How to Set Up Golf Tee Times

By William McCoy
Proceed to the first tee box after the starter signals you to do so.
Proceed to the first tee box after the starter signals you to do so.

In golf, a tee time is the time you set with a golf course to begin your round of golf. Also called a tee-off time, virtually all courses require golfers to set tee times before visiting the course. Setting up a tee time by telephone is quick and easy, and many clubs also offer the ability to set up a time over the Internet.

Confer with the other members of your golf group what time works suitably for everyone before contacting the course.

Call the golf course at which you plan to play and request that you wish to set a tee time. The attendant will ask you questions such as the date of the game, your preferred starting time, the number of golfers in your group, whether you want to play nine or 18 holes and if you are a course member. Answer these questions when asked.

Confirm your tee time with the attendant. Depending on the availability of the time you requested, the actual tee time might differ from when you hoped to play. Outline additional details such as if anyone in your group requires a power cart and the fee for the round and the cart.

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