Rules for Fans at the PGA Championship

By Robert Lee

The PGA Championship, one of the four major championships in men's professional golf, is played in August each year at different locations in the United States. It ranks in prestige with the Masters, U.S. Open and the British Open. Like all professional golf tournaments, the PGA Championship has certain rules for fans to follow while attending the event. Fans are encouraged to cheer great play but are asked not to engage in organized chants or conduct protests of any kind, according to official guidelines published by the PGA. Fans are also encouraged to kneel or remain seated in the front row of stands so that others can see and to remain still while players attempt shots.

Cell-Phone Guidelines

The PGA Championship welcomes fans with cell phones but asks that phones be placed on “silent” or “vibrate.” Fans are free to use phones at anytime for text messaging, Internet access or email. Fans wishing to make or receive phone calls are asked to do so in designated cell-phone conversation areas. The marked areas are located around the course out of earshot of the golfers.

Camera Guidelines

PGA Championship officials allow cameras and picture-taking only during practice rounds on Monday through Wednesday of tournament week. Officials realize that most cell phones are equipped with cameras but ask that fans use the camera function only during practice rounds. Video recording – with cell phones or other devices – is not allowed at any time during the PGA Championship.

Prohibited Items

Rules prohibit fans from carrying weapons of any kind, even if the individuals have state or local permits for weapons. Also prohibited are hand-held games, signs and posters. Security officials check all bags upon entry. Fans found with prohibited items will be denied entry into the golf tournament until they return the items to their automobiles or another suitable place.

No Running

Running from one hole to the next is not allowed at the PGA Championship. Golf fans following a certain group of players sometimes attempt to run to the next hole to find vantage points for watching the next shots. PGA Championship rules prohibit running because of the possibility of injury.

Readmission Policy

Fans wishing to leave the PGA Championship and return the same day must receive a hand stamp at the main spectator entrance. Once scanned, a ticket cannot be used for readmission. Hand stamps are not necessary if PGA Championship officials order fans to leave the golf course because of dangerous weather conditions such as lightning.

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