Replacing a Golf Club Grip

By John Wagner
Ensure the new grip is secured tightly for strong swings.
Ensure the new grip is secured tightly for strong swings.

If your golf grips are starting to feel slick and worn, it's time to replace them. As a rule, you should replace your grips every 12 months. Grips come in different sizes, so make sure you get the correct size.

Replacing Golf Grips

Place the club in the vise so the grip is sticking out. Use a rubber vise clamp to keep from damaging the shaft. Secure tightly and make sure the club will not twist.

Cut the old grip off with the utility knife. Start cutting from the shaft end and move toward the butt. Remember to always cut away from you.

Peel off all the old tape from the shaft. You can use the solvent to help remove the tape. Make sure the shaft is clean and there is no residual tape.

Wrap the double-sided tape down the club shaft. Put enough tape on to cover the length of the new grip. Remove the backing.

Pour the grip solvent over the entire tape wrapping. The more solvent that covers the tape, the easier the grip will slide on.

Slide the grip onto the shaft. Press the grip all the way down the shaft to the end of the tape wrapping.

Take the club out of the vise and twist the grip to align square with the club face. Let the grip dry for one hour before swinging the club.

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