How to Replace Golf Grips

By Bryan Rose

Buying a new set of golf clubs can be expensive and may not be needed. The part of the clubs that gets the most wear is usually the grips. By simply replacing the grips, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your set.

Take the knife and remove the old grips. Start with one club and follow the same procedure for the rest. Cut along the entire side of the grip and pull back to peel off the grip.

Take the grip cleaning solvent and clean off the location of the old grip. Be sure to clean the area completely, removing all old tape and glue marks.

Dry off the club completely and if you have a vice grip with a rubber shaft holder, clamp the club in. The vice is optional as some people simply pull the grip on while the club is standing up. If you do use a vice, make sure that you use a rubber shaft holder so that you don't scratch the shaft.

Wrap the area where the grip will go with the double-sided tape. Be sure to take the tape measure and measure how long the grip is so you can use the proper amount of tape.

Remove the backing from the double-sided tape and pour some of the cleaning solvent over the tape. Pour a small amount as this will only act as a lubricant.

Pull the grip onto your club, making sure the shaft goes in all the way to the top. Remove your club from the vice and rotate the grip until it is properly aligned with the club head on the ground.

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