How Do I Remove Stuck Golf Spikes?

By Jackson Lewis
Golf shoe spikes can get stuck and require a little extra effort to remove and replace.
Golf shoe spikes can get stuck and require a little extra effort to remove and replace.

Comfortable golf shoes with fresh spikes are among the key pieces of equipment for golfers, making it possible for a player to get a stable stance on almost any terrain. Along with technological advances in clubs, golf shoe technology has made major leaps over the past two decades. Golf shoe spikes wear out over the course of the season, requiring golfers to replace them at regular intervals. Unfortunately, even flexible spikes can sometimes get stuck in the spike receptacle on your shoe, requiring additional steps to remove them.

Place a dry towel on a work surface and set the golf shoe on it with the spikes up.

Spray the penetrating oil onto the stuck golf spike and spike receptacle on your golf shoe. Ensure that you do not overspray the penetrating oil on the shoe. You don't want to see too much extra oil pooling on the spike receptacle.

Place the spike wrench on top of the stuck golf spike and turn the wrench in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions until loosened.

Drill a shallow hole in the center of the stuck spike if it still fails to loosen. Ensure that you do not drill into the bottom sole of the golf shoe.

Insert needle nose pliers into the hole drilled into the golf shoe spike, then remove the spike.

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