How to Remove a Shaft from a Head on a Golf Club

By Izzy Barden

Golf shafts come in a variety of materials, flexes and specifications. Often, the stock shaft is not the best choice for your particular game. You may remove the original shaft and replace it with one that more closely fits your abilities. When considering a new shaft, note features such as weight, length, kick point and flex.

Put on protective gloves and keep them on until the procedure is complete.

Heat the hosel (small metal joint linking the shaft to the club head) with a heating gun. Be sure to dispense heat evenly on all sides of the hosel and don't be alarmed if small amounts of white smoke begin to escape the hosel cavity. That is just the old epoxy melting.

Place the grip end of the club on the ground so the head end is sticking straight up and gently pull the head off the shaft. Do not twist, especially if you want to reuse the shaft or sell it, as twisting may harm the inner walls of the hosel as well as the tip of the shaft.

Allow the club head to cool completely once its been liberated from the shaft.

Roll up a small piece of sandpaper and use it to clean out any remaining epoxy residue inside the hosel joint, making it ready for the insertion of a new shaft.

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