How to Remove Golf Club Shafts

By Tami Fisher
Replacing a golf shaft instead of replacing the entire club can save money.
Replacing a golf shaft instead of replacing the entire club can save money.

Once in a while, something happens to cause a golf club shaft to splinter or even break. When this happens, the old shaft must be removed and a new one installed in its place. Although this is something the pros can do in the golf shop, it is also something relatively simple that any golfer can do on her own. All it takes is some practice.

Completely cover the head of the club with masking tape to prevent the head from being scratched during the process. Now, place the club in the vise, so that the middle of the shaft is the part being held in the vise. Make sure the club is held securely.

Take the utility knife and cut off the small plastic piece at the base of the shaft, also called the "ferrule." If the ferrule doesn't come off easily, use the butane torch to heat it a bit, and then it should come right off.

Use the torch to apply heat to the hosel area of the clubhead.

Apply pressure to the clubhead, while applying heat to the hosel at the same time. Continue doing this until the epoxy bond has softened and the clubhead comes off easily.



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