How to Remove Golf Club Grips

By J.D. Chi
The grip on a golf club is key to keeping the club properly positioned.
The grip on a golf club is key to keeping the club properly positioned.

As any avid golfer knows, the golf grip is key to keeping the club properly positioned in your hands. Grips are easy to replace. Replace them every 6 to 18 months, depending on how often they are used and the climate they are used in.


Place the club in the vice guard and vice, if available. If no vice is available, hold the club firmly in one hand with the butt end of the club facing away from the body. Hook the utility knife under the grip and cut away from the body. Cut slowly to ensure a clean cut. Be careful not to nick the shaft, particularly if it is graphite.

Peel back the grip and remove it from the shaft. Remove the old grip tape with a tape scraper. Use the scraper carefully to avoid nicking the shaft and scrape away from the body.

Remaining tape residue may be removed by using a solvent, such as lighter fluid or paint thinner. You may pour the solvent directly onto the residue and wipe with a rag, or dip the rag in the solvent and wipe the shaft.

Rinse the shaft with mild, soapy water and dry completely. The shaft is now ready for a new grip.

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