How Do I Regrip Golf Clubs With Grip Tape?

By Patrick Cameron
Sometimes it's the grip that creates problems in controlling your shot accuracy.
Sometimes it's the grip that creates problems in controlling your shot accuracy.

Golf is a sport in which countless components have to work right together to add up to a fine-tuned game. While golfers often agonize over finding the right clubs and shafts for them, sometimes it's the little things that can make the most difference. Grips can have a huge impact, only you won't notice it until the grips become so bad that you're losing the club during your swing or the head is rotating in your hands at impact. If this is the case, it's time for new grips.

Place your club, an inch or two below the grip, into the vise. It's good to have rubber on the insides of your vise so that you don't impact the structure of the shaft when tightening the vise. The club should be positioned in the vise so that the face of the club is pointing at the floor.

Remove the old grip using the razor knife. If you have graphite shafts be careful not to put too much pressure on the knife when removing the grips. You don't want to split the shaft.

Pour some mineral spirits onto a cloth and remove the excess glue and sticky stuff left behind by the previous grip. The goal is to return the hilt of the shaft to its original ungripped smoothness.

Position the new grip in front of the shaft in order to estimate how much double-sided grip tape you'll need to cover the area under the grip.

Wrap the grip tape around the shaft, starting at the top and moving toward the point where the actual grip will end. You'll want to put extra grip tape on the hilt of the shaft to make sure that the grip fits properly.

Remove the glue-protecting film from the back of the grip tape.

Close off the hole in the end of the grip with your finger and pour enough mineral spirits inside the grip to saturate the entire length.

Wet the grip tape with additional mineral spirits.

Place the grip over the hilt of the shaft, keeping the palm of your hand over the hole on the end of the grip.

Push the grip, from the butt end, on to the shaft and align it so the markings are in the proper position.

Allow the grip to dry for a minimum of four hours before using the club.

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