How to Get Putter Grip Off

By Tami Fisher
Give your putter a new feel by replacing the grip.
Give your putter a new feel by replacing the grip.

Removing putter grips is a relatively easy task that almost anyone can do. All it takes is a little time, and once you've done it, it'll be easier each time. Plus, it also saves money because doing it yourself means that you're not paying the pro shop to do it for you.

Place the putter in the vise and make sure it is steady and being held firmly.

Take the utility knife and slice open the grip all the way down. Be sure to slice it facing away from the body.

Peel the grip completely from the putter shaft.

Using a grip tape scraper, remove the old grip tape that remains on the putter shaft. Be careful not to damage the shaft.

Pour a little solvent or residue remover on the rag to get rid of any additional tape or adhesive that remains on the shaft.

Gently, wash the shaft with soapy water and dry it completely. The putter is now ready for a new grip.


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