How to Putt a Golf Ball With a Driver

By Steve Silverman
Putting with the driver isn't common, but the rules of golf don't prohibit it.
Putting with the driver isn't common, but the rules of golf don't prohibit it.

The idea of putting with a driver may seem ridiculous to any golfer. Why would anyone choose to do that? If you are playing in a fun tournament that limits the number of clubs, you might choose to leave your putter at home if you can use the driver for both the long and short game. Every once in a while, the putter will get damaged during the course of a round and you have to go with another club until you can replace the putter. The driver can be the temporary replacement.

Choke up when you use a driver as a substitute for a putter. It is 8-to-12 inches longer than your average putter, so in order to control your shot you have to take hold of it much further down the shaft. The butt end of the club may be sticking you in the midsection but your need to be able to make sure the length of the shaft is steady.

Position your grip with a slight forward press so that your hands are over the ball rather than in line with the clubhead.

Maintain your hand position as you make a short pendulum stroke. The face of the driver is rolled -- that is, it bulges in the center. To hit the putt straight, you must hit the ball with the center of the club face.

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