Protecting Golf Clubs During Travel

By Chelsea Hoffman
Protecting your golf clubs during travel keeps them in playable condition.
Protecting your golf clubs during travel keeps them in playable condition.

Traveling frequently, whether on business or vacation, gives you the opportunity to check out different golf courses and country clubs throughout the world. Taking your clubs and equipment with you on your business or holiday trips requires a little extra care to make sure they don't get damaged during transport. Protecting your golf clubs during travel proves easy when proper care and attention to detail is taken.

Obtain a golf club travel case. Golf club travel cases come in hard shell and padded shell varieties depending on your needs. Naturally, a hard shell case offers optimal shock absorption during travel, especially if taking a long flight or cross-country drive.

Cover the heads of your golf clubs with individual covers. These keep the heads of the clubs from banging together in storage and during transit. Do this before inserting your golf club set into the travel case you have chosen.

Encase your golf club set in the chosen travel case. Fasten it securely.

Affix tags to every strap of the travel case. Travel label tags are obtained from airlines and bus lines. You can also order them to use when you travel independently to help identify bags if they get lost.

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