Proper Grip of a Golf Club

By Chris Joseph
While it might seem uncomfortable initially, a proper grip will feel natural with practice.
While it might seem uncomfortable initially, a proper grip will feel natural with practice.

Some golfers may have a tendency to spend much time perfecting their golf swing while overlooking how they are gripping the club. An improper grip can lead to not fully extending the arms when swinging, resulting in a lack of distance. As with all other aspects of a golf game, improving the grip requires diligent practice. In the following example, assume the player is right-handed. For left-handed players, the hand positions should be reversed.

First Phase

Hold the club with your right hand at the bottom of the grip, right at the point where it meets the shaft. At this point, the club should be perpendicular to the ground with the head pointing upward. Wrap only the fingers of your left hand around the grip, about three inches above your right hand. While maintaining contact with the fingers of your left hand, gently place the palm of that hand on the grip.

Second Phase

Move your right hand up the club shaft until it meets your left hand. At this point, you can either interlock the pinky finger of your right hand with the index finger of your left hand, or else have the pinky overlap the index finger, whichever way is more comfortable. Hold the club fairly loose in your hands. If done correctly, you will be holding the club in your fingers instead of the palms of your hands. You can now lower the club into the swinging position.

What to Avoid

It is important not to grip the club in the palms of your hands when swinging. That will result in your elbows not being able to fully extend, which means your arms will not be straight. That will reduce the arc of your swing and limit the distance you will hit the ball. Also, be careful not to grip the club too tightly, as that will restrict the mobility in your hands and wrists


If you have been gripping the club in a different manner, this new way may seem unnatural at first. To perfect this technique, you should practice it up to 10 times a day if possible. After 30 days, you should notice a significant improvement in your swing.

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