Proper Golf Grip

By Timothy Sexton
Though there are many types of clubs, one grip can secure them all.
Though there are many types of clubs, one grip can secure them all.

Golf experts have forwarded several ways to grip the club over the centuries. Many people prefer the Vardon grip, also known as the overlapping grip. Other golfers swear by an interlocked grip. The overlapping grip is very popular and easy to learn. The mechanics that you choose are far less important than the one thing that all golfers agree on, which is that you cannot do your best on the links unless you have a firm and sound grip on the club.

Choose the Vardon grip by keeping the left hand open while you place the shaft of the golf club diagonally across the palm from the bottom of your index finger to the heel of the palm. Close your fingers around the shaft so that the thumb of the left hand is positioned straight along the top of the club shaft.

Make sure you can see the first three knuckles of the fingers. The thumb should be above and placed one quarter of a turn over the club. This grip allows for the proper rotation of your left hand simply by cocking the wrist when you have reached the backswing's peak position.

Place the right hand in position so that the grip contacts the middle joint of your right forefinger first. Once the hand is closed, the knuckle on this forefinger should be on the right side of the grip and not beneath it. Close your hand by placing your thumb to the left so that it is placed diagonally across the shaft. This helps with the grip of the forefinger.

Make sure your left thumb is able to fit tightly into the palm of the right hand. The little finger of your right hand needs to go around the fissure that is created by the first two fingers of your left hand to create an overlapping grip. Grip the club correctly and you will feel that the club is capable of being managed very easily by just the fingers.

Make sure that when you use this grip, the back of your left hand and the palm of your right hand are facing the target area toward which you hit the ball. To get the best result, do not grip the club too tightly. Grasp it firmly, but ensure the pressure you exert on the club is gentle and easily controlled.

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