How to Print Personalized Golf Balls

By Shemiah Williams
Personalized golf balls make great gifts.
Personalized golf balls make great gifts.

Golf is a sport of investment of time. Whether you want to show your personality on the greens or you just want to differentiate and locate your golf balls more easily, designing personalized golf balls is a simple process. To aid you in this process, there are a variety of sources you can use online.

Determine your time frame. Processing and shipping times vary by vendor since personalization is a longer process than standard ordering.

Supply your own image, if you prefer, and be sure it is easily visible, not blurry or distorted in any way. There is very limited opportunity to alter or correct the image prior to printing.

Visit Logoballz for custom-printed golf balls in batches of a dozen balls with no minimum (see Resources). You email the text or image, quantity and brand to the vendor, and they provide you with a quote. Upon approval of price, they will coordinate the design with you. This site is the most similar to a traditional vendor relationship.

Visit Par Golf Supply for customized golf balls (see Resources). There is a 2-dozen minimum order for in-house production and a 12-dozen minimum order for factory-printed balls. You have three options for personalization: text, photo image or design image, such as a company logo. You can enter up to four lines of text. If you want to add an image or photo, you must email the image you want to use. You can also choose from their collection of stock artwork. Preview and approval of the design is a separate process. Par Golf allows you to do some research up front and make a decision before confirming directly with the vendor.

Visit, which offers 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. You have three options for personalization: text, photo image or design image. You can enter up to three lines of text and view how the text will be displayed in the Preview window. If you want to add a photo, select "Photo Balls" and upload the image. is designed for those who want to manage the order process from start to finish.

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