How to Prevent Bag Chatter

By William McCoy
Covers on your clubs prevent them from chattering together.
Covers on your clubs prevent them from chattering together.

In golf, bag chatter is the term given to the constant banging of your clubs as they jostle in your bag. Chatter is a common occurrence and takes place whether you placed them in a motorized cart, carry your clubs on your back or pull them in a hand cart. Over time, the banging of your clubs can lead to damage to one or more of your clubs, often scratching the clubs, or worse, rendering some clubs ineffective.

Purchase head covers for your driver and woods, and then place the covers over the clubheads before playing your next round of golf. Clubhead covers differ significantly in appearance, but all have the goal of providing soft padding to protect your clubs.

Buy and install an iron holder to house your irons. An iron holder is a plastic device that inserts in the top of your golf bag. It has a tray-like top that holds each of your irons in place. An added benefit to using an iron holder is that it keeps your irons in order, allowing you to find the right club with ease.

Place a head cover over your putter. Many putters are sold with customized head covers featuring the putter's brand and logo, but if yours doesn't have one, it's easy to buy a generic cover.

Wrap a towel around the clubheads to keep them from banging together.

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