How to Play Select Shot Golf

By M.L. Rose

Golfers who enjoy competing but don’t have time to play a full round, or even nine holes, may wish to try the Select Shot golf game, which is available at some driving ranges. The idea, according to the company, is to give golfers something more interesting to do at the range than just hit balls at yardage markers. With Select Shot, a golfer may play a virtual round alone, or several players may compete. As the company notes on its website, the game is easy to play.

Obtain a bucket of 60 Select Shot balls at the driving range. Each ball features a unique bar code.

Select just one tee area that includes a Select Shot computer kiosk, even if more than one person is playing.

Hit “Start” on the computer screen and select the number of players who are competing.

Enter the personal identification number for each player. The PIN is found on the outside the bucket.

Select which game to play. “Select Shot” is the basic game. As of 2012 one advanced game is available, but the company states that other variations are being developed.

Select an icon from the choices on the screen to represent you in the game.

Hit your ball at one of the target areas. The circular targets are mobile, so range owners may scatter the targets at various distances. There are typically four or five targets, according to a company representative. If a player hits a target the ball lands in a net and drops through the bottom, where the bar code is record by a scanner. The player’s points are then registered on the computer screen.

Continue hitting until your turn is over. The games are timed. For example, in a two-player game each competitor receives a pair of five-minute rounds. The computer prompts the players to alternate after each round.

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